Travel may be dangerous from time to time. You read it in all the media: assault in Bangkok, hotel theft in Paris, diarrhea in Singapore... 

Crisis Management - Evacuation – Recovery

  • Coordination and organization of further support (from the first action on the ground until the evacuation) 
  • Evacuation from crisis regions 
  • Emergency Management in kidnappings and hostage-taking 
  • Flexible return also from crisis regions 

Worldwide 24/7 emergency hotline for safety-related emergencies:

  • Country information and situation Centre 
  • Identification and assessment of significant security incidents 
  • Country database with information on more than 200 countries and cities 
  • Travel tracking, receipt and forwarding of alarm messages to incidents in real time
  • Information about security-related issues such as pandemics, crime, health care, terrorism, strikes, etc. 

The experts of SECUMEDAS, former members of government special forces, make your travel safe and relaxed!

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